Story of the barquentine “Meridianas”

 The Barquentine “Meridianas”, built in Finland in 1948, sailed seas and served as a training ship for future sailors and officers for twenty years. The vessel was laid up in 1968 but her story did not end with that, it took a new turn, indeed, with Meridianas becoming an essential landmark and symbol of Klaipėda.

Following the lay-up of the sailing ship, she was brought to Klaipėda and handed over to the then public trust of eateries, restaurants and cafés of the city. With the vessel refurbished and accommodated for catering purposes, she was moored by the embankment of the Danė river and in 1971 a restaurant opened on its board, which even today evokes nostalgic memories of the citizens and visitors of Klaipėda.

These reminiscences might have remained just memories and Meridianas was even threatened to land on the sea bottom because of its catastrophic condition, the legend, however, returned with the Christmas of 2014 approaching: Meridianas was saved from destruction, rebuilt and refurbished within a couple of years at the initiative and through the efforts of businessmen from Klaipėda, Aloyzas Kuzmarskis and Aidas Kaveckis, and a restaurant reopened its doors on board the ship.

The interior of a rebuilt vessel differs from the former one by its spacious design, light colours and unique details and accessories. For instance, the main room of the restaurant boasts a glass floor offering a sight of the preserved old wooden structures of the ship, special portholes installed on both sides, in contrast to previous design, afford a vista of what’s going on the river bank and much more ...